martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

Carpe Diem.

Yesterday was my first day in my new job. I changed my role and the place. One club for another one, but there are some differences between them. I enjoyed my time in Miabella and I will be always grateful with those guys. I've met wonderful and kindly people. People who took care of me and showed me that if you want you can break any wall. At the beginning my english was terrible, I couldn't make proper sentences. I didn't use the right verbs and bla, bla, bla. And anyway They hired me. I'm telling you, my blogonautas, They are really nice people. But I felt I needed to change. I wanted to develop myself. Grow up. Mostly because now my english It's not amazing at all but at least is fluent and good enough. So I just moved my ass a little bit and I found a job opportunity in a big and famous club in London. If You have been in this city or lived here for a while You have to know it. I'm working in Heaven. And yes, yesterday was my first day and trust me it was fucking busy and hard. I was in the busiest bar of the club. In fact, I was the second one who did a trial there. The first one was there for an hour and then he left because it was so stressful. But I survived. I started pretty nervous. Really nervous. There were customers everywhere. At the same time. In front of me, behind me, around me. Everywhere. It was crazy. But yes I survived and I'm really happy about that. I think it is a good change, a good chance for me. The next step. Just keep moving and go ahead.

London, maybe the worst city in the world but at the same time you cannot avoid be in love with her. Why? I don't know the reason. It is hard to explain. I guess It is just my city.

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  1. Creo que cambiar de trabajo, de gentes (aunque sean majetas) siempre es bueno. Además, te veo en fase expansiva total. Luego, a lo mejor, viene los años de recordar. ¿Londres? No lo sé, sólo estuve una semana buscando dónde servían un café de verdad. Me alegra que estés a gusto Raúl.