miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

Dance, dance, dance...

I arrived to London almost three weeks ago. I arrived with my head in the clouds and my pockets full of dreams. The first night here, I slept in a dump, whom manager was a Pakistan asleep guy. The next day began tremendously: I made 300 cv and lot of km. The day ended... and my feet were destroyed. So passed two days more until Thursday, when I went to a night club called Mirabella. The manager told to me: "Come at 8 o'clock". So I went there and I worked six hours. I finished very tired, however, I did my work quite well and the boss took on me. Since then I have been working four days peer week and I am really happy about my new life. I have a 17 months contract. Now, as well as my pockets full of dreams I have pounds :) As I work four days peer week (tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday) and my days off are monday and wednesday, I go out on Monday and Wednesday. Here there are a lot of people, it doesn't matter if is Monday. I hope to change my home in a few weeks, I want a single room. I am living in East London, near of Mile End tube station. It is an awesome place. There are lot of shops, fast food restaurants and a huge park... ¡Oh! By the way, today is wednesday :)

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  1. Gran aventura :) Has tenido mucha suerte con lo del trabajo, y más si te va a durar un buen tiempo! Nada, que si viajo a Londres me paso por el Mirabella y me haces precio especial de paisana jajaja
    Disfruta mucho de la experiencia ;) Espero que se cumplan todos esos sueños.