domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

You should cry, little girl


The night fell down suddenly, like a lonely star which has decided to die. A softly wind was blowing from the East. There was one tramp dog seeking in the rubbish, maybe it hoped to find one piece of meat. Who knew? The moon was a big white piece of rock. Its light was dusty, sticky, cold. A few stars were putting up from the sky. The silence flew along the streets like a dense shadow. One dark crow —even darker than the own night— seemed how if it was watching the lonely city. Loneliness, that is. An uncontrollable feeling about loneliness. Many spoiled flats were struggling to stand up. The bloody city. The crow cawed in any far place across the darkness.
He arrived to Whispering Cross six months ago. It was a unfortunate day of August. A yellowy fog was near him all the way. He had to think about it. How did not see the terrible omen? Since then, Douglas Hooper have been living into the city. That is the truth. In fact, he can´t come out from the city. It is impossible. Nobody can do it. When somebody becomes in a Whispering Cross citizen... It is forever. This bloody city, Douglas thought leaned against the window. It was raining. Thin drops taking down, hitting against the glass.
Where are you? —he muttered. Then he let out a long, deep sight.
Few seconds later, Douglas went back into his apartment. There was no furniture barely. One brown leather sofa, two wooden chairs, one shelve and a little kitchen where to cook seemed impossible; anyway, he needn’t cook. It was a stupid way to waste his time. So he feeded himself with fast food. Of course, there was one bathroom. Anyone needs a bathroom. The crow was in the sill. He guessed it had flown from the depths of hell. The crow was gazing to Douglas like if it wants to say something and it didn’t find the precise words. What could want a lonely dark crow?
Bloody and rotten city —he shouted meanwhile he knocked the wall.

The crow, scared about the sudden noises, flew over the roofs, losing itself through the skinny light pulled out from the moon. The loneliness returned with her sad red eyes. All he could see outside the window were poverty, sadness, abandonment. Douglas had seen a lof of things in the last six months. His wife had dissapeared in a strange way. After that, he started his own research. His neighbours were helping him at the beginning, but only two weeks later they forgot the affair. Suddenly. Hilda -it was her name- vanished like whether she had never existed.
Of course, there were nobody in the streets. Loneliness. The word floated in the air like a balloon. Douglas took a deep breath and rubed his tired eyes. He needed to rest. Maybe if he slept for ten hours, he will be able to think better. Perhaps.
With his head fill up to many stuffs, he layed down on the sofa and closed his eyes. A few minutes later, he slept deeply. 

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