miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

The right side of the reality.


He was alone, lay on the bed. He was watching to the holding wall clock which made a rhythmical sound: tic, tac. All the time the same sound. Once, twice, three times. It was getting crazy to him. Beyond the window the sky was grey and it was filled with clouds. It seems like if was going to rain in a few minutes. Beside him, close to his skin, one black cat was sleeped. It was breathing calmly. There was nothing important to it. Its name was Kafka. It has been with him for six years. In fact, at the beginning, it has been with him and his wife whom name was Alejandra. However, one day, without a reason, she had disappeared. Simply, when he woke up, she had left. There were no cards, letters, messages or phone calls. Of course, he called the police and her family, but nobody knew where she could have gone. The police hadn’t any clue either. In a few months everyone had forgotten her, even her own family. Everyone thought she was dead. There even was a burial, although the coffin had been empty. Finally, He had forgotten her too.
It had been so till the last night. Just till He dreamed with her. Inside the dreamlike world, she was alive and she’s still loved him. She was like he reminded her: her long brunette hair, her blue eyes, her pale skin. She was running along a beautiful countryside filled with trees. Green grass cover any meter of the place. It was wonderful. In dreams, He ran behind her, he tried to get her, but He couldn’t do it. His legs were too heavy, like if they were made of steel or stone. He tried to reach her, but it was impossible. Finally, just before to wake up, She told to him: «If you wish to see me again and if you would like to stay with me again, you should kill the cat and eat its heart. After that, you should await for me in the right side of the reality».
It had happened one hour ago. Now, It was 3.33 am. He didn’t know that was «the right side of the reality», but He was convinced that He could find it. The first step was kill the cat and eat its heart. He had been thinking about the best way to do it. Finally, he had decided killing it with a little gum which He keeped in a wardrove. So he simply shooted it. The cat was dead few seconds later. After that, he took the cat and one knife and went to the bathroom, where he put the cat inside the bath and took the heart of the beast. With the cat’s heart in his hands, he was one minute motionless. He couln’t make any move: actually He just kill his own cat. Then He ate it. The taste of it was surprinsingly good. When He had eaten the cat’s heart, He just waited but nothing happened. Five minutes, ten, fifteen, one hour. Everything was in the same way. Nothing had changed.

He let out one sigh. Then he came back to the room, more anxious because He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, He had an idea. He believed that He had found the answer. He took the gum, filled the bath with water, went inside and when the water covered him completely, he shooted himself.
Now, He was in the right side of the reality.

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